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Cakes, cakes and more cakes

Had some theme cakes to make up.  Dessert making gives you no time for blogging, really… just a few pics from the last few weekends of my cakes heehee.   🙂

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Dreamy Creamy Cheesecake

Dreamy creamy cheesecake….topped with just made caramel sauce and mini Reeses Pieces Cups.  The cold cheesecake, hot caramel and chocolate/peanut butter mix, oh yum, just melts in your mouth!  🙂

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Hibiscus Flowers

Haven’t had much time for posting my cakes and sweets adventures, as my desserts will soon be available at a new restaurant opening here in my hometown.  I will blog about that as it gets closer to its opening (we’re hoping for Mother’s Day).  Been a busy baking bee.  I will try to catch up when I have a free moment.  These are my new “Hibiscus” flowers for my Etsy shop.  I pretty much do them in any color possible and quite a few sizes.

Easter will be coming in a few short weeks, so I need to start thinking up what I will be doing for that weekend  🙂

Colorful Hibiscus Flowers

Colorful Hibiscus Flowers

hibiscus flowers 153


Tropical Touch

Village Sweets has Royal Icing Hibiscus Flowers for those cakes and cupcakes at your special event.  Add the final touch to your Beach Themed or Tropical Themed wedding, bridal shower, party or event.  Just on a cupcake or an arrangement on a cake makes quite the statement, especially in the bright tropical colors they are available in.


Hibiscus Flower offered in many colors and a few sizes.

Hibiscus Flower offered in many colors and a few sizes.

1" and 1 3/4" sizes.

1″ and 1 3/4″ sizes.

Calypso Coral Hibiscus Flowers.

Calypso Coral Hibiscus Flowers.

Easter Garden Cupcakes

Easter will soon be hopping upon us, so I have been thinking up what I want my cupcakes to look like on my Easter table.  Hmmm, sooooo I have come up with a garden trellis with little roses!  I made up some Royal Icing roses and decorated my cupcakes garden style.  I think all the pastel colors made it look so springy!

Easter Garden Cupcakes.

Easter Garden Cupcakes.

My Royal Icing Roses are available in my Etsy shop:


Soft Pink Royal Icing Roses 1/2".

Soft Pink Royal Icing Roses 1/2″.